About Robert's Place

What Is Robert's Place?

Robert's Place is our solution to help Pacific Islanders to overcome suicidal behaviors. We know that suicide prevention crisis resources and services are available to all.  And we know our community is ready to seek knowledge to understand ways we can overcome any hint of suicide. There is much to learn about how we make sense of our life experiences. As we look back at our cultural values and traditions, we can see how they have blessed our current way of living. However, we need to connect our practices to new ways and new experiences to overcome the internal conflicts we often feel but cannot explain.

Our organization is deeply committed to connecting and integrating new ways to learn and understand mental health with our cultural knowledge and practices in order to return and sustain a full and happy life.

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Our Son Our Story

Our Inspiration
Robert Alo was a Black Belt, a Graphic Designer, a Father, a Son, a Brother, and a Friend. In his lifetime he experienced joy and happiness, and also incredible sorrow. That sorrow ultimately ended his life. This is our story, one of loss and sorrow that became our inspiration and hope to help others in our community address, overcome, and recover from suicidal behaviors.

Our Goals

  1. We will educate the Pacific Islander community to recognize the signs of suicidal behaviors and then how to respond and find appropriate resources.
  2. We will improve access to mental healthcare.
  3. We will strengthen family and community connections through social media messages and respond to their feedback.
  4. We will Improve community skills in communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.
  5. We will Increase participation awareness to understand cultural beliefs that may discourage accessing mental health services. We will encourage the recognition of cultural ways that encourage mental health.
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Our Three Pillars



We offer education programs, presentations, and webinars conducted both in-person and virtually through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and this website. We provide these daily, weekly, monthly, and by calendared annual events.



A safe haven will be virtually established through trained cultural navigators who will listen to Pacific Islanders in crisis. As we seek to understand your needs, we will also help you to navigate to the appropriate resources. If needed we will assess to activate the mobile crisis response team. We offer Mindfulness activities and family inclusion programs as ongoing support at all stages of suicidal behaviors.

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Regaining your mental health means using the new skills you have learned and for you to regain your confidence in your ability to make decisions that lead to happiness. We will help you to follow your mental health plan and offer ongoing support whenever you need us to avoid the need for crisis intervention.

Need help? You Are Not Alone

If this is an emergency, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline via the number below. Otherwise, feel free to reach out to us via the form below!

National: 800-273-8255

Utah: 801-587-3000

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