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Visit the CATCH Program website on your computer or mobile device at a time that’s convenient. The CATCH Program gives adult sexual assault victims who filed Restricted Reports, certain Unrestricted Reports where the name of the suspect is not reported to law enforcement or uncovered by law enforcement, or no report an opportunity to anonymously submit suspect information to help the DoD identify serial offenders. Many people are able to see the design flaws just from watching the videos, either way, we will explain them to the reader of this report. Many people who purchase these Crystal filled hand-cylinders do not understand this simple fact until it is pointed out. A bronze tap on the sink and a simple brass framed mirror complement the color scheme, and tote bags Dubai a framed print above the toilet is a reminder that there is a place for art in every room in the house. This simple explanation is why this flaw is one of the fatal flaws that nullifies every claim the manufacturers have made in their “theory” regarding how their Crystal filled hand-cylinders work. But the Crystal filled glass hand-cylinders have another major flaw in their design that needs to be discussed. Many people have purchased “Piezoelectic Crystal” filled glass hand-cylinders believing the incorrect claims they are superior to Metal hand-cylinders.

People need to receive the full power output of a frequency generator. But indoors, where distances are short and people move around a lot, it can be trouble. If the reader still does not understand where their design flaws are we will now explain and scientifically show how the Crystal filled glass hand-cylinder design flaws actually nullifies all of their claims about how they work. Crystal filled glass hand-cylinder operation theory: “The Crystal Generators are a new technology that is currently very popular with users of frequency generators, Rife Machines, and many electro-therapy devices. You will notice in the first two of the three paragraphs we quote almost all of what they describe is scientifically correct about how piezoelectric crystals work, but only if the crystals are used outside of the Crystal hand-cylinder design with wires connected to them on the positive and negative side of each crystal.The third paragraph with their claims is incorrect. The crystals cannot be immersed in any conductive saline solution or there will always be a dead short between the positive and negative sides of the crystals. This means that you could be contacted at any time over the next 10 years if there is a potential match, as long as you don’t opt out and your contact information doesn’t change.

They also show how mechanical stress, such as pressing thin slices of piezoelectric crystals, causes them to change shape creating a positive charge on one side of the crystal and a negative charge on the opposite side of the crystal. Their “conductive saline/silver solution” is like having an electrical wire permanently connected between the positive and negative sides of the crystals. Having no wires connected to every crystal is their second fatal design flaw. These special frequencies are extremely rich in harmonics due to the fact that every different crystal, mineral, or stone in the Crystal Generators creates its own unique harmonic frequencies when energized. The photo on the right shows a sealed transducer using shielded wire which can go into any conductive saline solution and still produce ultrasound frequencies. Below is a another ultrasound transducer diagram. The ultrasound transducer has electrical wire connections on each side of all the crystals so the voltage can be put into them on the positive and negative side of the crystals. Just put the code to go for an easy unlocking while you have to use it.

You will notice in the photo on the left the transducers have a red positive wire and a black negative wire. Each crystal has alternating current going into them which requires two electrical wires, one connected to the positive and the other connected to the negative side of each crystal. The body evidently knows how to heal itself, and when given the appropriate blueprint frequencies, these regenerative patterns serve both as a pacemaker and a cellular reminder of the original blueprint frequency response.” These kinds of harmonic frequencies are unavailable in any other frequency generator’s mode of operational output and are unique to the Crystal Generators. This should make everyone wonder what Dr. Rife would think about only a 1.5-volt power output level. If a plasma gas is not used within the glass cylinders then the insulating properties of the glass will greatly reduce the power output that is put into them from a frequency generator. It takes more effort to make than an extra power calculation, but in turn provides much more information such as ideal flight altitude. I don’t make it every day. The next day all the countryside was in a panic; and cowed, uncommunicative groups came and went where the fiendish thing had occurred.