2021 Youth Basketball Clinic

Robert’s Place First Annual O Mai Faatasi Boys and Girls Basketball Clinic was held November 26  and 27, 2021 at Taylorsville Recreation Center.

It was a huge success, and achieved our purpose of bringing children and youth together to develop positive relationships and make new friends. How better to do this than through a sports clinic. A great group of 60 children and youth from ages 8-18 spent two days learning or advancing their basketball skills.


We opened the event with a few words by Falepule Alo, Cofounder of Robert’s Place who spoke about the importance of becoming good friends through kindness and praise and to practicing these behaviors while at the clinic.  He encouraged these participants to speak to their parents about things that worried or upset them. He ended on telling them how important they are to their families and friends and that they are never alone.

For most attendees, it was their first time on a basketball court. Volunteer experienced coaches from across the valley rallied together to set up cones, drills, coupled with lots of simple and clear instructions that gave participants an event to remember. Behind the scenes was our Event Director, Frank Leatutu, making sure the facility and basketball equipment was set up and several of Robert’s Place Board of Directors, Falepule and Dottie Alo, Lloyd Togisala, Simon Timms, and Kalosi Tonumaipea, actively participated in every way possible.

The event ran for 5 hours on both days with opening and closing remarks, Coaches were introduced and immediately began the clinic. Parents expressed incredible gratitude and were surprised at the coaches’ ability to speak simply and easily with the participants. It was evident to them that their children were having a great time. Many stated the clinic was a blessing because they did not want their children to spend time on their technology during the Thanksgiving holiday. Afterwards, many children excitedly told their parents that they loved basketball and wanted to keep playing. Not surprising, many did stay and played informally in the gym next door.

This was such a great success and we look forward to our Second Annual O Mai Faatasi Boys and Girls Basketball Clinic on November 25 & 26 right after Thanksgiving, at Taylorsville Recreation center. We look forward to seeing the children and youth again.