Dogs Need Me!


Explore “Dogs Need Me!”—a coloring book that teaches empathy through fun dog tales crafted by child development experts. Perfect for kids to learn kindness.

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“DOGS NEED ME!” Colorful Dog Tales
Author: Dr. Rawb
Cover Art by Dawn Bates

Discover Empathy Through Play:
“Dogs Need Me!” is more than just a coloring book. It’s a tool crafted by experts in child development to help young learners aged 4 to 11 understand and express emotions through engaging stories about dogs. Each page is designed to spark conversations about kindness and mindfulness, making emotional learning fun and integral to daily life.

Why Parents Love This Book:

Interactive Learning: Includes unique Bonding Bites for parents and children to explore together.
Supportive Resources: Provides valuable guidance on child mental wellness.
Culturally Inclusive: Available in Samoan, Tongan, and Spanish, embracing our diverse communities.
Praise from Families:
“It’s Perfect for discussions on kindness. It’s become a favorite in our home!”—Grandma B.
“Great for dog lovers and an awesome way to introduce tough topics!” Cathy M.

Join our community of kindness:
With “Dogs Need Me!”, join a movement towards a kinder, more empathetic world. This book invites you to help your child navigate social dynamics with compassion, preparing them for a brighter, more understanding future.

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