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For Valentine’s Day or anniversaries, it’s time to up the ante on breakfast in bed. If that’s the case but you still want to provide a nice morning treat, then simply head back to breakfast basics. Spend some time beforehand making note of their favorite breakfast items and then brush up on your prep skills so you can pull it off when the time comes. And cleaning up isn’t just a question of making a huge donation to the dump or the thrift store; it’s about making a huge change in mindset. Pilots control the flaps to change the plane’s lift characteristics. Lower yourself back to the start position under control. Or he may be such a perfectionist that he simply can’t start sorting through piles of useless things for fear he may not do it exactly right. In the home of a hoarder, piles of trash might reach the ceiling, and stacks of newspapers so crowd the kitchen that cooking is impossible.

Dad also might like the occasional special breakfast, and Father’s day is a great opportunity to treat him. Just because breakfast in bed is an indulgent treat doesn’t mean it has to be a tray full of fatty meats and cholesterol. Many times, a simple breakfast of cereal and fresh fruit is the way to go. So don’t go overboard with unusual flavors; the key is to keep it simple and add a little fun. Kids love fun food, so look for recipes that allow a little whimsy that your kids might appreciate. If you’re a serious entertainer, you may want to look into ice makers that fit into the space of a trash compactor and produce large quantities of ice daily. Want more Thrillist? Follow us on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. All things considered, while this product is more expensive than other options we tested, we think it’s well worth the price tag considering its luxurious texture and top-notch performance. In fact, breakfast foods offer plenty of mouth-watering, non-meat options. It’s not just mom and the kids who appreciate a breakfast in bed treat. Just because bacon and sausage don’t belong on the breakfast tray of a vegetarian doesn’t mean you can’t make a scrumptious breakfast for someone with dietary restrictions.

Instead, choose a lean protein, such as turkey bacon or smoked salmon, in lieu of pork sausage. For instance, if someone’s watching his waist, don’t haul in a tray laden with high-calorie sticky buns and bacon. Vegans, for instance, say no to eggs, cheese, butter and all other dairy products. Instead of serving regular butter with the scones, put it in a bowl with honey and dash of sugar and whip with an electric mixer. If you’re stumped on how else to whip the perfect breakfast-in-bed spread, these 10 themed menus should get you — and your appetite — started! Though they still go by the term “bar stool,” this style of chair is perfect for the high counters of a kitchen island, a feature that has become overwhelmingly popular in many newer homes. Lots of perfectly healthy people have cluttered homes. You have to check that the person you’re pampering doesn’t have anywhere to be in the morning and that the menu suits his or her tastes. It doesn’t even have to be an anniversary or particular date to surprise your significant other with a morning of leisurely dining under the covers.

The precise dimensions of a julienne are 1/8 inch by 1/8 inch by 2.5 inches, but most cooks simply use the size of a matchstick to describe this particular cut. If you use the quick wash setting regularly, you might notice your washing machine developing a musty smell – this is because a low-temperature wash can encourage the build-up of mould and bacteria. A bad smell behind your ears is pretty normal, and luckily, there’s usually an easy fix. It’s hard to tell exactly how much people feared wolves in the past, but simply based on the mythology and fairy tales that incorporate the idea of ‘the big, bad wolf,’ those fears were real,” he says via email. “These ideologies about wolves were brought with early settlers to the New World and many continue to this day. That means that many of these remedies are likely based more on old wives’ tales than on lab tests, so your personal results will vary. GoPro-style action cameras retail for hundreds of dollars, but if your old phone records HD video, you can strap it to just about anything and take heart-stopping POV videos.