Building Emotional Resilience: How to Regulate Your Emotions

Regulate, Don’t Suppress

The goal of emotion regulation is to reduce the intensity of the emotion, NOT to get rid of
the emotion.

It is important to recognize that very high or intense emotion can make it difficult to think clearly, problem solve, make wise choices, or use executive functioning skills.

The TIP Skills are designed to quickly reduce high emotional arousal.

Regulate your Emotions by Changing Your Body Chemistry

TIP Skills

TIP stands for Temperature, Intense Exercise, and Paced Breathing:

  • Change the Temperature to calm down fast by splashing cold water on your face; holding an ice cube in your hand; or running cold water over your hands
  • Engage in Intense Exercise to calm your body down when it is revved up by emotion
  • Use Paced Breathing to slow down your breathing; breathe OUT more slowly than you breathe IN (example: breathe in for 5 seconds and breathe out for 7 seconds)

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